Super Fast-Twitch

This class is taught by:

Roman Fortin

Roman has been teaching Fast Twitch classes since 2004.  
Roman was a NFL player from 1990–2001. He played center, guard, offensive tackle, tackle, and tight end through the course of his career. He was the quarterback for his high school team at Ventura High School. He played the first part of his college football career at Oregon State University, and later transferred to San Diego State. He was selected in the 1990 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. He played with them in the 1991 season, but would end up being picked up by the Atlanta Falcons in 1992. He stayed there through the 1997 season, where he would then play for the San Diego Chargers for his last three seasons. Roman Fortin has five children. They are Roman Jr., Dillon, Simone, Bradon, and Turner.

This is a specialized 90 minute circuit class. The Fast Twitch center coaches believe in a full body workout that encompasses core, cardio, agility, and muscle building stations. The basis of this class is weight training. The ratio of weights to cardio will range from 70/30 to 80/20. We also include the Fast Twitch Isokenetic machines. This allows you to train with no concentric force. You can expect results!

Upcoming classes:

  • Thu Nov 22 8:00 am - 9:30 am with Roman Fortin
    at Buckhead
  • Thu Nov 22 10:00 am - 11:30 am with Roman Fortin
    at Buckhead