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Studio Liability Release
Waiver of Liability
You, the Member/Guest expressly assume and accept sole responsibility and risk for the use of The Forum Athletic Club facilities including all programs, exercises, weights, machinery, equipment, apparatus, and sponsored activities.  Neither The Forum Athletic Club nor  its affiliates shall be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damage or actions for injury to member or his/her property arising out of or in connection with the use by member of the services, facilities, and premises of The Forum Athletic Club.  Without limiting the scope of this waiver of claims, member does hereby declare him/herself to be physically sound, having medical programming and hereby hold The Forum Athletic Club, its officers, owners, agents, and employees harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by member or on his/her behalf for any such injuries or claims.  By signing the line below, or by electronic acknowledgement you comply with the rules and regulations of The Forum Athletic Club.